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Caricature Artist

Jennifer is a self-taught Canadian caricature and portrait artist. Her line work is precise as she captures likenesses producing high quality caricatures at just 2-4 minutes per person. She is also ambidextrous and uses either hand freely while drawing. She has had a passion for art since she was young and is gladly dedicating her life in pursue of mastering the craft. She also does illustration work for various different organizations both digital and traditional caricature art. Jennifer captures the likenesses of guests at every event making a unique and beautiful work of art that your guests will keep forever in memory of your event.

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Jennifer lives and works in Toronto. The fast pace of Toronto plus the numerous attractions has made Toronto one of the best places to grow as a caricature artist, cartoonist or an illustrator. is home to Canada's top Caricature Artists. We are delighted to have such wealth of talent in our collective.

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